f(x) 5th anniversary countdown:
D-10 ♡ dancing

f(x) 5th anniversary countdown:
D-9 ♡ languages

Anonymous: where do you actually watch jessica & krystal? ^^

There’s Hulu (Only in certain countries though), and Snapfinger42 has it on Youtube. ^^ Sorry for the late reply!

Krystal & Victoria being Shawols during Green Rain

Jungsis - SM town live world tour 2014


making business deals with ceo jung “i watch old movies, the free ones” sooyeon + jung soojung keeping it real

Victoria taught her well. LOL

Luna - Red Light Era

Krystal - SMTOWN Seoul ‘14


God bless you Jung Soojung.
f(krystal) during SMtown 14’ performance.

shit krystal says